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Cliche Gallery

Cliche Gallery is a space for art and design. The gallery presents a collection of contemporary art with unique and exclusive works. It is a space to start, expand or perfect your art collection.

Cliche Gallery is art and design for your senses. It is a creative space for art lovers, professionals and collectors looking for new approaches and lifestyles.

Founded in 2016, by Juan Urbèt ; entrepreneur, creative and draftsman. Awarded in New York by Agora Gallery 2015 and by Fédération National de la Cultura Française 2014, among others.

Cliche Gallery is a new artistic expression, is a different way of looking, is a collection of moments. It is an unconscious adventure to the knowledge of the senses, it is definitely a dream.

Cliché Gallery is a new approach, a space to reflect and feel a new way of living. It is a new action to achieve greater satisfaction and comfort. It is a new way of designing our life. It is a new version of our space and time. It’s a way, a pleasure, it’s all a satisfaction.

It’s a new form of ArtCollection.

Juan Urbèt

Juan Urbèt, entrepreneur, creative and cartoonist. His multidisciplinary personality, dynamic vision and exceptional creativity have allowed him to exhibit his work in New York, London, Paris, Barcelona and Málaga.


The work is an artistic, personal and intimate expression where the author travels to the inner world of the human being.

With an understanding of composition relationships, he balances space with calligraphy, writing, and symbols.

The collection describes the relationship of opposites from the occult to the real, darkness and light, isolation and intimacy… to know what is on the other side of the ladder. It is a new space in a new time.


International recognition. Multidisciplinary artistic creation, dynamic vision and passion for art.


Companies, investments, development and project management.


A space for art and a lifestyle. A new concept.


The work, created with exclusive materials and mixed techniques under a conceptual design, leads to unknown places or describes foreign lands. The spectator glimpses a reality or urban landscape that he had never faced before. While inspired by the world around him, he seeks not a representation but rather a reflection in his widest range of experience and feelings.


Cliche Gallery